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Corn / Maize

We are offering yellow corn on regular basis subject unsold.
Below you may find the terms and conditions under which we are selling this commodity:

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Maize is a cereal grain primarily known as corn. It is commonly used for human consumption - in human food, for starch production and further for production of bio-fuel. Another purpose is the usage for fodder.

We are selling or brokering the sales of corn for example from different countries.

YELLOW CORN / MAIZE NON-GMO for human consumption

Parameter Test value
Moisture: 14% max
Protein 8% min
Fat 3.5% min
Ash 1.5% max
Fiber 2.7% max
Aflatoxin 20 MAXPPM
T.V.B-N Max 50 mg/ 100 gr
Total Count 500000 max
E. Coli Absent in 0.1 gr
Salmonella Absent in 25 gr
Mould Colony 500 000 max

This product is NOT genetically modified.

at Seller’s choice or mutually agreed


Parameter Test value
Origin: USA
Protein: 8 % Minimum
Moisture: 14.5 % Maximum
Admixture: 2.5 % basis
Starch Content: 60-68 % Average
Heat damaged kernels: 1 % Maximum
Broken kernels: 4 % Average
Total damaged kernels: 7 % Maximum
Hectolitre: 68 KC Average
Weight/Bushel: 52 lbs/bu. Average
Radiation: none
Aflatoxin: 20 ppb Average

Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects.
This product is Genetically Modified or Altered. The Seeds are from Monsanto Company.

at Seller’s choice or mutually agreed

YELLOW CORN / MAIZE for animal feed

Parameter Test value
Hectoliter:  68kc min
Admixture 2% max
Protein 8 to 9%
Moisture 13% Max
Admixture 2.5%
Heat damaged kernals 0.5%max
Broken kernels 3.0% max
Total damaged kernals 3.5%
Radiation None
Aflatoxin 10ppb max

Free of all kinds of moulds
Free of sprouted grains
Free from insects ( dead or alive )
Free from foreign matters ( sand, silica and heavy metals)
Suitable for animal nutrition

at Seller’s choice or mutually agreed


Contract quantity
To be agreed and subject unsold.

bulk or possibly in bags

GMO Yellow Corn Grade #2

at seller’s choice



  • Yellow Corn Grade #2 suitable for human consumption
  • Quality: Standard Export
  • Grade: #2 GMO
  • Moisture: 14,5% Max
  • Foreign Matter: 1,5% Max
  • Broken Kernels: 3% Max
  • Aflotoxin not exceeds: 20PPM Max
  • Protein: 9% Min
  • Damaged kernels maximum 5% of which maximum 1% heat damaged and/or germinating
  • Goods free from alive insects
  • Free from poisonous seeds/husks but tolerance maximum 0.10% castorseed and/or castorseed husks.
  • Other quality / condition in accordance with Brazilian Legislation ruling at time and place of shipment.


For annual contract:

  • Buyer-Bank shall issue a transferrable Bank-Guarantee / SBLC / LC, covering a one month’ quantity and being valid till end of contract + 1 month.
  • Each invoice shall be paid by an irrevocable, transferrable letter of credit, covering a monthly quantity or by MT 103 against documents as per contract.
  • Credit available by negotiation of documents at Seller's Bank-Counter.
  • Letter of Credit shall be opened by Prime Bank acceptable to Seller / Seller-Bank.

For spot lots:

  • By irrevocable transferable letter of credit, payable 100% at sight covering total quantity contracted.

Performance bond:
Where applicable.

Shipping time
Approximately 30 days after availability and acceptance of funds

SGS inspection (quality, quantity) at port of loading
At seller’s expense

SGS inspection (quality, quantity) at port of unloading
At buyer’s expense

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