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August 28, 2016
The product has been updated.


We are offering cornoil on regular basis subject unsold.
Below you may find the terms and conditions under which we are selling this commodity:


Parameter Norm Test value
Free Fatty Acids (Percent) NEN-EN-ISO 660 Max. 0,1
Moisture NEN-EN-ISO 662 0.05
Impurities NEN-EN-ISO 663 negative
COLOR LOVIBOND (5188 inch) NEN 6308 15Y–1,5R
PEROXIDE VALUE – at loading (meq/kg) NEN-EN-ISO 3960 max 0,1
RELATIVE DENSITY at 20°C NEN 6311 0,91-0,93
IODINE VALUE ( g 12/100 g ) own method 125–140

Seller's choice

Contract quantity
To be agreed

Available in consumer packing such as PET bottle, PET/Yellow HDPE bottle, plastic jerry can, metal can/tin, plastic pail, bag in box, plastic drum, metal drum and flexi bag in different size.

1 liter, 2 liter, 3 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter, 20 liter PET bottles.


For annual contract:

  • Buyer-Bank shall issue a transferrable Bank-Guarantee / SBLC / LC, covering a one month’ quantity and being valid till end of contract + 1 month.
  • Each invoice shall be paid by an irrevocable, transferrable letter of credit, covering a monthly quantity or by MT 103 against documents as per contract.
  • Credit available by negotiation of documents at Seller's Bank-Counter.
  • Letter of Credit shall be opened by Prime Bank acceptable to Seller / Seller-Bank.

For spot lots:

  • By irrevocable transferable letter of credit, payable 100% at sight covering total quantity contracted.

Performance bond:
Where applicable.

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