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August 2016
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Other vegetable oils

We are offering the following vegetable oils on regular basis subject unsold.
Below you may find the terms and conditions under which we are selling these commodities:


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Linseed oil
is an edible oil. It is also known as flaxseed oil, color is colorless to yelowish. It is obtained from the dried seeds of the flax plant.

It is used on its own or can be blended with other oils. It is an impregnator and varnish in wood finishing, pigment binder in oil paints, plasticizer and hardener in putty and in the manufacture of linoleum.

The specification can be sent to you upon request.

Available qualities
- Raw linseed oil 151511
- Refined linseed oil technical grade 15151910
- Refined linseed oil food grade 15151990

At seller's choice

Contract quantity
To be agreed.

- In bulk
- In drums (190kg)
- In IBC (920kg)

Loading procedure
- Each order has an unique loading order number and a certificate of analyse is delivered.
- A sample is hold for 6 months at plant location.
- Full procedure can be viewed at the plant location on request.

Transport and delivery
According to contract agreements - most of the sales are governed by one of the following standard contracts: VBO 7, FOSFA 9, NOFOTA.

Shelf life and storage recommendation
- For technical use, the linseed oil can be kept for 1 year after production date if stored in cool, dark, dry conditions.
- For all other uses, linseed oil can be kept for 6 months after production if stored in cool, dark, dry conditions and
  under nitrogen sparging.
- Use plastic and/or steel containers and keep away from oxidising chemicals. Avoid extreme high temperature.

The oils are obtained from no transgenic varieties of flaxseeds.

Irrevocable documentary letter of credit payable 100% at sight or to be agreed after availability of buyer's LOI.

Performance bond


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