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We are a foreign trade company with more than 10 years experiences in dealing with bulk commodities and other products.

We began our business with industrial equipment. That time we were the representation office of a large German industrial group in Moscow, Russia. Within a decade the company had expanded its interests to include bulk commodities into their activities and today we may offer a large product range which you may find in the «Products» section.


The company's range of products extends from some food products and animal feed products to raw materials for the industry and road building companies. Furthermore we are involved in dealing with industrial equipment.


We do not act as an intermediary but always represent a manufacturer or exporter of goods. In this way we may provide you best possible prices and the terms and conditions in our offers are the terms and conditions of our manufacturers and exporters and the sales/purchase contracts will always be signed directly with the head offices. As result you will feel a number of advantages in reference to the prices, terms and conditions and contracts' fulfillment.


We are involved in the preparation of commercial offers, the negotiations with customers and the preparation and agreement of sales/purchase contracts between the head offices and the customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be always glad and aspired to serve you.


We speak German, English and Russian. You may send us your enquiries and offers in one of these languages.

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